Summer Soccer Homework Contest

The Summer Soccer Homework Contest

To All Players - How are you doing on your "BALLABILTY" ?

We challenge you to learn and show off,  to Players, Coaches and Parents, your soccer moves, tricks, juggling and ball control abilities.

Sign up and enter our drawing to win some Club/Soccer prizes and to get your name and video on our website

We will choose

- The Juggler - The overall player that can juggle the highest number

- The Tricker - A player that can demonstrate any of the soccer tricks showing in the links below or any other trick or move

- The Mover - A player with the most creative, inventive moves or tricks - Create your own move or trick

- The Challenger - Any player that can demonstrate Coach TD’s Move #8, shown on the link below


We will choose one winner boy and girl per age group and per category, and announce on August, 15, 2013.

Send Coach TD an email at td1@soccerology.com to enter

Here are the links below



Get out there, get on the move and try it!


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